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Our scheme is registered with The Soil Association (Registration No. RE17M)

How does the vegetable box scheme work ?

Every week customers receive a standard box or any week you wish you can order specifically via the website shop (e-box). This will automatically be delivered instead of your standard box. Cancellations or alterations can easily be made via phone, post or email.

Where do we deliver ?

Generally within a six mile radius of the holding. Also pick-up points in Worcester. Please enquire.

How much does it cost ?

Minimum order for standard box delivery is £10. This can be one box made up of vegetables, fruit and/or eggs. Minimum order for an e-box is £15. There is no delivery or registration charge. If empty boxes are returned no charge is made for replacements (door to door deliveries left out for collection and protected in a bin liner or similar, or returned to your pick-up point).

What is in a standard Vegetable box ?

The minimum standard veg box is £8.00. Each contains a selection of in season salads, greens, staples, (potatoes, carrots & onions) root veg & herbs. These are mostly grown on the farm, although some items are bought in from certified suppliers (e.g. mushrooms, potatoes, and carrots). You can detail your likes and dislikes on the registration form, and can alter these details at anytime should you wish to do so.

What is in a standard Fruit box ?

The minimum standard fruit bag is £2. They contain a selection of fruit that is mostly bought in, although we grow some apples and plums. To minimise food miles we endeavour to buy european fruit when available. We do not buy any air freighted fresh produce. Sorry we do not deliver fruit bags on their own. You have to eat some greens!

What is in a standard Egg box ?

Eggs! Locally produced organic free range eggs from hens that are kept in small flocks.

What is an e-box ?

Any week or every week you can order exactly what you like via the website shop. This is automatically delivered instead of your standard box. Every Thursday we update the website shop with available produce. You can then enter your order and submit it to us by midnight the following Monday. The minimum e-box order is £15.


Your box will be delivered on a Wednesday or Thursday depending on where you live. Some customers collect their boxes from pick up points (see registration form).
Go to the registration form to check whether we currently deliver in your area.


Payment can be made either:
- At the door (cheque or cash)
- By post, cheques made out to Oxton Organics - address on our contacts page
- Directly into our bank via a BACS payment
- All pick up point customers will need to pay by post or directly into our bank by BACS.

(Sorry no credit or debit cards)
An up to date statement of your account will be emailed to you each week.


If for any reason you wish to cancel a delivery or deliveries you must let us know by, at the latest, Monday evening via phone or email.

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